How to Tell If Chicken Is Bad; is your Chicken Looking Suspicious?

How to Tell If Chicken Is Bad; is your Chicken Looking Suspicious?

Eating any food which has gone bad is dangerous to your health. Therefore before buying, cooking or eating any chicken you have to be on the look out for any suspicious sign. The pointer to a chicken which has gone bad is noticeable through the smell, texture, and color. A chicken can even rot if it has overstays in the fridge. Further sings will be the development of mold.

Therefore to prevent the accident of consuming a decaying chicken, arm yourself with the following message;

Raw Chicken

  1. Color Change

It’ one of the noticeable signs of telling a raw bad chicken; instead of the natural bright pink and fleshly color such a chicken will have a grey color. Besides, it can also develop strange yellow sports. Cooking such a chicken will see it retaining the dull color instead of turning to white. Keep off any raw chicken with a fading grey color

  1. The Smell

If it gives out a strong unpleasant smell, discard it and save your health. Such an unpleasant smell may be likened to that of ammonia or a sour one. A fresh chicken has its natural odor which is hard to notice.

  1. Texture

A further sign is noticeable on the texture. Go ahead and touch the chicken; it’s normal if it’s a bit slippery. But if it’s slimy and has some mucous-like substance, it’s a sure sign of the presence of bacteria. Such kind of a sticky texture won’t disappear even after washing it. Don’t bother about cooking it.

Cooked Chicken

Even after cooking a bad chicken will have a rotten smell. However, spices might make it this harder to smell. Any offensive odor is a warning sign.

Also, as pointed earlier afresh chicken after cooking should paint white color. Therefore if you come across one that bears a fading grey color, don’t consume it. However, the color is easily masked by the marinade.

The last but sure sign of a decaying cooked chicken is the presence of molds. The presence of organic growth or green, dark substances confirms it’s decaying, hence unfit for consumption. If you aren’t still sure, make a cautious bite it will undoubtedly have a sour taste!

Stored or Frozen Chicken

Once you have taken out your chicken from the freezer, smell it for any unpleasant smell. If there isn’t any odd smell, defrost it and then touch the outer surface for any sliminess. A rotten chicken will leave a sticky feeling on your fingers. Furthermore, any pale or dark color is a giveaway sign of it being rotten.

Another warning indicator is the manifestation of an ice crust surrounding the chicken.

If you have several indicators of a decayed chicken, you can further confirm its expiry date. Stay away from those that are nearing or past the “sell by” date. Any cooked chicken, always use a pan (copper chef reviews)  that is not enclosed in an airtight container or freezer bags is sure to go bad. An alternative excellent storage method is wrapping the cooked food tightly in an aluminum foil.