The 7 Members of the BTS K-Pop

BTS is currently the largest boy band throughout the globe.  It has been seen all over at the top of charts, setting records, as they go on with their ongoing world tour.  They are a total of seven members who have gone beyond tradition acts of, all the way from Chile to California.  There unity and love among them is fantastic.

Below is the list of the members of the BTS and everything you may need to know about them:

  1. Kim Nam-jun

Kim, popularly known as RM, is the leader of the group and a rapper.  He was scouted by the starter of the group, Bang Si-hyuk and he was the first member to be scouted.  He is a renowned rapper who have done so many collaborations with artists such as Wale, and amongst all, he was the first person from the group to release his solo rap.

  1. Min Yun-ki

This is a twenty-five-year-old rapper and producer, popularly known as Suga.  His stage name as a rapper is Gloss.  Many people know him for his rhymes that are rapid. He sings about almost everything, from mental health to politics. He is also a successful producer who has contributed to other artists’ award-winning song productions. He also has done so many projects within their group.

  1. Jung Ho-Seok

After RM and Suga, J-Hope (his known name) was the next to be tapped to join BTS.  He is a great dancer and rapper.  He recently released his mix tape that had a message of peace. He is only twenty-four years old.

  1. Park Ji-min

This young singer and dancer were discovered by the big hit entertainment in the course of high school.  He is a great dancer, who went through the school of arts when he was young.  He seems to have focused on modern dance, at the school of arts. The singer is of equal age with V; they are twenty-two years old.

  1. Kim Seok-jin

Kim became very famous in the year 2017 when he won the billboards music awards. He is well known as Jin and twenty-five years of age.  Before he ended up in BTS, he was once trapped in the streets of South Korea eating.

  1. Kim Tae-Hyung

Popularly known as V and an e3xcellent singer, Kim has smooth vocals. If you listen to their songs, you can hear his lower tempo from a distance.  V also writes songs, and he recently revealed his interests in photography too.

  1. Jean Jeon-UK

This is the youngest member of BTS with twenty-one years.  He has a special youthful role in the group.  He is among the prime vocalists and appeared on the famous reality show called ‘King of Masked Singer”.  His good time is when he is performing.

In summary, BTS is an acronym of the word Bangtan Sonyeondan. When translated it is Bulletproof Boy Scouts, in English. In two thousand and seventeen, the members of BTS decide to rebrand their name into meaning Beyond The Scene.

From the group, we can learn to be so real, as they keep it real for their fans. Moreover, their unity and love speak something to many other bands, and it should be an inspiration to many young upcoming artists.